Serra di Lerici and its 50th Snail Festival

5 十二月 2017

Serra di Lerici

This year, from 24th August to 27th,  in the splendid setting of the Serra of  Lerici, the 50fth edition of the legendary Sagra della Lumaca was held, attracting like every year thousands of residents and tourists in this fantastic frame of the Gulf of Poets.
The festival coincides with the celebration of  "San Zane" a dialect word which means San Giovanni Battista, patron of the Serra, and is held on the terraces of the local Arci club and along the carugi (narrow alleys) of the little village in a typically Ligurian setting, with unforgettable views of Portovenere and the Archipelago of the three islands of Pamaria, Tino and Tinetto, as well as the creek of Lerici and its castle.

The menu proposes the "San Zane" typical pasta from Serra, whose recipe, jealously guarded, has been passed on for generations and stewed snails. Moreover, for those who do not appreciate the tasty clam the wide menu propose: muscles, octopus, prawns, mixed fried fish and testaroli (the term "Testaroli" comes from the Italian word "testo", which is the container made of  argilla in which takes place their cooking. They are made from wheat flour, formerly from spelt, and their final shape is a very thin disk).

Every evening is accompanied by live music and great dancing on the main terrace of the club.

This year the Festival has celebrated its golden wedding anniversary and its origins date back to those days when the inhabitants of Serra, after rainy days, went looking for snails, as the village is surrounded by orchards  and olive groves.