B&B Day 2019 : 8-10 March

29 January 2019

Also this year our structure adheres to the B & B day, an initiative now in its thirteenth edition, born from an idea of ​​the site, which provides a free night for stays of at least two nights on the weekend of the 8-10 March.

These days of March that precede the beginning of spring, will be a great opportunity to visit the splendid Gulf of Poets of La Spezia, with the pearls of Portovenere and Lerici, the archipelago of the three islands, the city center with its shopping streets , the fish and fruit market, its museums (Lia, Camec, del Sigillo and Navale).

Do not miss the visit of the splendid fishing villages of the Cinque Terre National Park, from La Spezia easily reachable by train, which in this period still not very crowded enjoy a greater charm that can be enjoyed walking along the sea view paths between the villages, among the terracing with vineyards supported by dry stone walls protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

We are waiting for you in our apartments in via del Prione, in the heart of the pedestrian historic center of the city of La Spezia, surrounded by excellent bars and restaurants with menus principally based on fish but not only, a few hundred meters from the seafront and the train station.

See you soon!


Snowfall in Cinque Terre: unique event!

7 March 2018

On Thursday, March 1st, a rather unusual atmospheric event occurred in the Gulf of La Spezia and in the Cinque Terre National Park.

A dense night snowfall has made us wake up under a thick white blanket giving a magical atmosphere to the Gulf of Poets and the villages of the Cinque Terre with the beautiful agricultural terraces to highlight the exceptional natural event.

The snow has reached the level of the sea whitening the harbors of the five villages and the military ships moored inside the Arsenal of La Spezia so much that it seemed to have landed in the Arctic Sea.

The photos of that day are shown in the gallery here-below.

Enjoy it!!


Serra di Lerici

Serra di Lerici and its 50th Snail Festival

5 December 2017

This year, from 24th August to 27th,  in the splendid setting of the Serra of  Lerici, the 50fth edition of the legendary Sagra della Lumaca was held, attracting like every year thousands of residents and tourists in this fantastic frame of the Gulf of Poets.
The festival coincides with the celebration of  "San Zane" a dialect word which means San Giovanni Battista, patron of the Serra, and is held on the terraces of the local Arci club and along the carugi (narrow alleys) of the little village in a typically Ligurian setting, with unforgettable views of Portovenere and the Archipelago of the three islands of Pamaria, Tino and Tinetto, as well as the creek of Lerici and its castle. (more…)



5 December 2016

Portovenere was a very important seaside town at the time of the ancient Romans. The name of the town derived from a Roman temple built in honor of Venus on the present day promontory of San Pietro.

During the XII century under rule of the Genoese the Castle and numerous fortified dwellings were built along the seafront for residential as well as defensive purpose.

During the Napoleonic Era the Castle was used as a jail for political prisoners; in the same age the provincial road that goes from Portovenere to La Spezia was built. For that the road is known as the "Napoleonic road".

Among Portovenere's interesting buildings we find the Church of San Lorenzo, the church of San Pietro and the Scola tower. (more…)


SCIACCHETRAIL 2016 – Second edition

27 January 2016

On 20th of March 2016 will be held the second edition of Sciacchetrail, a trail-running race across the amazing paths of the Cinque Terre. The event was created to give a better consciousness to the participants of how fantastic it is to run in an area that offers glimpses of a unique beauty all over the world and at the same time make them understand how tiring and difficult it is to live and do agriculture in these places.
Sciacchetrà, name of the sweet wine of the Cinque Terre and which gives its name to this event, is the highest expression of the quality of this agriculture whose historical roots date back to Roman times that called this method "heroic" due to the incredible verticality of the territory which stands in between the sky and the sea. (more…)

Manarola Presepe

The lighting of the crib of Manarola

11 December 2015

Even this year on December 8 the hill of Tre Croci, overlooking the village of Manarola came to life, with the lighting of the 15,000 bulbs of the largest Nativity scene in the world designed and physically built by the legendary Mario Andreoli, retired from the Italian Railway Network, who decided to devote his life to a special event following a miraculous recovery from an illness.

The Nativity scene was lit for the first time 54 years ago and it started only with the grotto of the Nativity and then over the years Mario added various figures, all built with poor and recycled materials up to the current 250 figures making it the largest Nativity representation of the world. (more…)


The Ceremony of the Madonna Bianca in Portovenere

22 August 2015

On August 17th of each year in Portovenere there is the religious celebration dedicated to the Madonna Bianca.
During the day many liturgical ceremonies are held at the Church of San Lorenzo, where the parchment depicting the Madonna is guarded. Then at dusk the village is flooded with lights and devotional songs, while the ark in which is carried the miraculous image of the Madonna is passing through the narrow streets of the village, stopping in the square at the foot of the Church of San Pietro lit with Roman torches for the occasion. The candles scattered throughout the stack till the church of San Pietro are representing a splendid and unique entertainment. (more…)

Fried anchovy festival in Monterosso

10 June 2015

It 's all ready in Monterosso al Mare for Fried Anchovy Festival, scheduled for Saturday June 13th 2015 in the beautiful village of the Cinque Terre.
At 10.00, on the waterfront of Fegina, will open the craft market. At 12 will open the deli counter in Piazza Garibaldi, where at 17 will be a demonstration of salting anchovy and at 18 "Cooking with Chef Tarter". At 21, the concert "Napo sings De André". At the end of the party, wooden painted anchovies hanging to decorate the village will be sold to finance the first-aid station in the village. The oil boil, we will wait for you  in Monterosso!