The Alta Via del Golfo – From Portovenere to the Foce

In the stretch of the Alta Via Delle Cinque Terre (AV5T), former path n. 1, from Portovenere towards Campiglia the hiker meets the signs AVG, that stands for “Alta Via del Golfo” which is the path that covers the whole spectrum of the Gulf of La Spezia, as to say from Bocca di Magra to Portovenere.
The AVG follows the same path as the AV5T from Portovenere until the  Derbi saddle which stands at 190 meters above sea level. From here the path branches off to the east to the summit of Mount Castellana, where at 502 meters above sea level stands Fort Napoleon with stunning 360 degree views of the Gulf of La Spezia.
Continuing  we reach the village of Campiglia in a succession of views: first the Bay of Le Grazie, then the Gulf, then in sequence the Apuan Alps and part of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.From Campiglia the AVG follows the former 4A trail till the Gesiola saddle (496 meters above sea level) and then the hiker will take a staircase in the middle of a chestnut wood and will pass by a route next to the quarry that descends to Biassa.

In the stretch from Biassa to Foce the AVG path makes use of the “way of Redemè” which from the church of St. Martino leads to the Guardia Sanctuary at Vignale with an old mule track which is a beautiful pulpit of the Gulf of Poets. Hence the AVG follows the paved road for a long stretch and then goes along the “Staircase of the Sanctuary”, through the panoramic group of houses at Bersedo, up to Villa Paganini.
In this section we find two paths leading to La Spezia: the path n. 522 that descends to the quarter of Pegazzano through Murlo Crest and the path n. 521 that descends to the quarter of  Rebocco through Maggiano.

The Foce pass is now close with the possibility to return to La Spezia and Portovenere by public transportation.

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