Tellaro: the pearl of the Gulf of Poets

Tellaro is located to the extreme east of the Gulf of Poets, on a rocky outcrop that slopes towards the sea, which offers a superb view on the Palmaria, Tino and Tinetto, the three islands that close the Gulf to the west.
Its origins date back to 1300 and the structure of the old village is based on the original fortifications, with houses surrounded by walls. There are also two towers of Pisan origin of which one has been transformed in the bell tower of St. George’s church of the sixteenth century and the other stands at the entrance of the village, near the oratory of Santa Maria in Selàa.
The pink church is located directly on the sea, surrounded by houses of  the typical Ligurian colours leaning against one another in the “carruggi”  (narrow alleyways). The way to the Marina continues until a small square from which you can enjoy a wonderful view of the coast to Punta Bianca, where you may find beautiful beaches accessible only by the sea or taking long and steep trails.
It is beautiful to swim both at the Marina of the village or at the nearby beaches of Fiascherino.

Tellaro has always been linked to the legend of the bell-ringer octopus. It is said that a big octopus came out of the sea off the port and going up to the bell tower rang the bells, clinging to the ropes, waking up the inhabitants of the village and saving them from the attack of pirate Galla D’Avenzano who had left Bizerte (nowadays Tunisia) with six galleys to be able to conquer the village.

To celebrate the event every second Sunday in August is held the Octopus Festival, at the primary school, where you can taste the typical “Tellarese” dish which is either boiled octopus with potatoes seasoned with the special local olive oil, olives, garlic, parsley and lemon juice, or the so-called “octopus in hell” ‘ which is stewed octopus with tomato, chilli and white wine.
On the last Saturday in July the village is surrounded by the magical atmosphere of the mysterious world of fairy tales and is transformed into “The Fairy Village”. You won’t be surprised to see appearing magicians, princes, queens and witches who inhabit the “carruggi” of the village and all this will give young and old the sensation to travel through time and fantasy.
Tellaro was inserted by right among the most beautiful villages in Italy and is also considered one of the most beautiful in Europe.