From Vernazza to Riomaggiore via sanctuaries

From the railway station of Vernazza you may take direction uphill along the creek that runs through the village, until you turn into the path n. 508, ancient way of pilgrimage studded with numerous shrines that leads to the Sanctuary of Reggio, where, in the square opposite the church, you may see the beautiful monumental trees.

Left the sanctuary you may continue to climb n. 508 until you reach the Alta Via delle Cinque Terre “AV5T “ (ex trail n. 1), where you meet with an easterly direction the way towards Mount Malpertuso which with its 812 meters above sea level, it represents the highest peak on the watershed Cinque Terre – Vara Valley, and then get to the Cigoletta crossing, where we find the path n. 587 that goes down to Corniglia and n. 507 going down to Vernazza.
After Cigoletta you reach the mountain Marvede, where we meet the trail n. 506 to Manarola which is reached through the beautiful village of Volastra, medieval shrine dedicated to Our Lady of Health, from which descended the founders of Manarola.

Continuing on “AV5T” you arrive at Colle del Telegrafo, from where you step onto the SVA that, through ancient terraces of vineyards and rural stone houses, reaches the sanctuary of Our Lady of Montenero, which offers an incomparable view of the Cinque Terre Gulf that stretches from the headland of Punta Mesco to the Gulf of La Spezia including the islands of Palmaria and Tino within the beautifiul panorama.

From the sanctuary the SVA goes down until you reach the village of Riomaggiore, the route that the pilgrims used during solemn processions, such as the traditional Pentecost.

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